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Differential Designs has been designing, launching and maintaining websites for several years. We believe attention to detail is extremely important when it comes to your website. Whether you need a very simple website, made up of an index and a few other pages, or something very complicated, with multiple layers, forms and a database, we will create exactly what you need for much less than any of our competitors. While most web design companies will charge you a couple thousand dollars to create and launch your website, we can do the same for a few hundred, satisfaction guaranteed.

The best thing to do to get accurate rates for the development of you website is to contact us via email. Just let us know about your company and what you want out of your website. We are experts at HTML, CSS style, SQL and PHP coding. We can also offer our graphic design expertise with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create logos and other artwork for your website. The sky's the limit! Still, to give you all an idea of our low rates, check out the section below.


For simple website:
The simplest website package will get you (1) your own personal domain name, obtained and managed by us, (2) a main page with up to five extra content pages, all with the latest HTML and CSS style coding, and (3) your site will be registered with Google and we will make sure it is search engine optimized so that it can be easily found by others. All this for a one-time fee of only $300! Some extra services, such as periodic site maintenance, web hosting and site traffic statistics can be obtained by paying a monthly maintenance fee of $25/month or $200/year. Rates are negotiable depending on your business's needs.

For multi-level website:
This website package will get you all the services of the 'simple website' package plus much more! Do you want visitors to be able to log on to your website? Do you need forms to collect information from your customers? Do you need way more than five pages to include all the information you want to convey to your customers? Do you require an online store? For a relatively small fee, we will develop any necessary forms, create and manage an SQL database to keep track of information and integrate this database with your website via PHP scripting. For this kind of development, we usually charge about $1000. Of course, this price can be negotiated to fit your needs.

Whatever you have in mind, contact us and we will do everything in our power to create a website that you will be happy with at very reasonable rates.


Latest Work

East Coast Poker League

The Red Rock Lounge

The latest venture for our company has been to work on the mobile version of the East Coast Poker League website. When creating a mobile website, it is important for it to be extremely easy to navigate. It should only have the information that the customer on-the-go wants access to. For this purpose, we performed market research for several months to know what the average customer wanted easy access to. To promote it, we used a QR code, placed on the Latest News section of the main website. So far, response to it has been positive and we keep receiving new hits almost every day. For more information on our other projects, go to our Past Projects section.