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Luis R. Mercado

Do you run a business or non-profit organization, but have no online presence?
Over the last two decades, the Internet has revolutionized business. Not only does it provide world-wide exposure, but the ease in which one can find information is indispensable. From online shopping to endless sources of music and video, the Internet offers communication between businesses and their customers like never before. At Differential Designs, we have been creating and maintaining websites for local businesses since 2007. When doing so, we take into account what your customers expect from your website and make it happen. The best part about it is we are cheaper than any of our competitors.

If you already have a website, are you dissatisfied with its look and effectiveness?
Many small business owners who decide to create their own website usually rely on pre-made templates that are boring and stale. Others simply create a fan page on social networks like Facebook, mySpace of LinkedIN, which do not offer much versatility. With your own personal website, the possibilities are endless. You can have any content you want organized the way you want it. Differential Designs also specializes on developing databases for your business needs. Not only do we build the database and maintain it, we develop HTML interfaces so you can manage some of the data to your liking. Whatever your needs, we guarantee we can make it happen.

Can you find your website by searching for your name on search engines such as Google or Yahoo?
Online marketing is the newest way of letting people know who you are and what you stand for. Businesses can reach their customers no matter where they live, 24 hours a day. Still, this can only happen if a website can be found using the most popular search engines. The programmers at Differential Designs know how to make your website visible to the most popular search engines. Not only will we optimize your website so its precense is known, we will register it with Google and keep track of all the traffic you receive for FREE throughout the lifetime of your website!



Latest Work

East Coast Poker League

HAPPEX Collaboration

The latest venture for our company has been to work on the mobile version of the East Coast Poker League website. When creating a mobile website, it is important for it to be extremely easy to navigate. It should only have the information that the customer on-the-go wants access to. For this purpose, we performed market research for several months to know what the average customer wanted easy access to. To promote it, we used a QR code, placed on the Latest News section of the main website. So far, response to it has been positive and we keep receiving new hits almost every day. For more information on our other projects, go to our Past Projects section.